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Page Title: En route Answers
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T-45C TS & IUT INav-11
Practical Problems
7. If departure instructions are not in the original clearance, you will be given them by relay through
ground control or by the control tower. As you approach the holdshort area of the duty runway, you
should check your TACAN equipment with the posted radial/distance signs along the mat area. Your
tolerances for this check are _________________________________________________________.
ANSWER: within +/- 4 degrees of the radial and .5 nm or 3% of the DME
8. To obtain takeoff clearance, you contact what controller on what frequency?
ANSWER: Tower, 340.2
9. After you have completed your call for takeoff clearance, select the TACAN channel you will use for
departure. For this clearance you will use NMM channel 56. Switch your transponder to “normal,”
select the assigned frequency for McCain Departure Control, take the duty, do your runup, release
your brakes, and note the ________ on your jet log prior to takeoff roll.
ANSWER: time
En route Answers
1. On initial contact, what information must you give center?
ANSWER: When operating in a radar environment and no position report is required: On initial
contact, pilots should advise controllers of their altitudes preceded by the word “level,” “climbing,” or
“descending,” and provide the present vacating altitude, if applicable, and the final altitude. Also, when
on other than published routes, pilots should include the present navigational position on initial contact
with each air traffic controller.
2. Does the FAA recommend that you repeat the frequency when you are passed to another center?
ANSWER: Yes, it is a required procedure to assure that the hand-off will be completed.
3. What kind of a report do you give center when you communicate equipment failure?
ANSWER: Malfunction report
4. At what point would you normally select the Seminole TACAN?
ANSWER: 71 DME (halfway)
5. Jacksonville Center advises radar contact. What will you communicate as you pass Seminole?
ANSWER: No report is required because you are in radar contact.
6. You want to know the existing weather at JAX. You could select the frequency for JAX ATIS or you
could contact JAX Metro on frequency ________.
ANSWER: 344.6
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