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Page Title: Taking the Duty
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WEAPONS Lead checks Wing in on Departure frequency prior to engine run-up. LEAD "Turbo." WING "Two."
NOTE: Do not switch the flight to departure if only cleared to "position and hold." These are
only examples. You are flexible enough by now to know things do not always go as planned. It
is imperative both students look at each other during frequency changes to ensure they are
completed properly.
3.5.2. Taking the Duty Prior to crossing the Hold Short, Lead Student requests the IP squawk normal, strobes
off, informs the IP which side of the runway to take, and whether you meet the limits for a
section T/O. Wing student requests the IP squawk standby, strobes on, inform the IP which side of
the runway to expect to take, and whether you meet the limits of a section T/O.
NOTE: DO NOT forget about the canopy. The same standards apply as in the FAM stage.
3.5.3. Type of takeoffs Section T/O (both aircraft roll together) can be done if the following conditions exist: Circling minimums or better (1000 feet/3 NM if no circling approach). Crosswind component of 10 kts max. No standing water on the runway. Aircraft weights within 400 lbs. of each other Responsibilities during section go: Lead Student - after good Run-up Checks, watch the Wingman and call the
relative position to the instructor, i.e. "He's sucked/acute" or "Holding position." At
rotation, after Wing's wheels have left the runway, call "Two's airborne" over the ICS.
Report: "Clean at (165 kts. or below)" when your aircraft is clean and after the Wingman
passes a thumbs up. Check-in with Departure. Wing student - Same as in the FAM stage. When gear is up and locked,
and flaps are up, pass thumbs up to Lead. Interval Go (Wing starts T/O roll eight seconds after Lead and joins up airborne). This
type of T/O is done if conditions for a section go are not met, but the weather is within limits. Responsibilities during an interval go: Lead Student - Same as in the FAM stage. After the clean call, wait for
Wing to call airborne and then contact Departure. Wing student - Same as in the FAM stage. After the clean call on ICS, call
"Two's airborne" on departure, signifying your aircraft is clean and Lead can contact
Departure. Individual T/O: Performed only if the weather criteria are not met for a section go.

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