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Page Title: MFD Display Failure
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T-45C TS & ADV BIFP-09
Instrument Failures
When a T-45C pilot first sees or suspects an MFD display problem, he should
coordinate with the other pilot to determine if both cockpit display systems are involved.
Next, the problem MFD(s) should be recycled to OFF and then back to N or D, as
Single MFD Failure: If just a single MFD display unit appears inoperative and the
screen is blank, the pilot should turn the MFD CONT and BRT knobs full clockwise. If,
then, a raster scan is visible, it can be concluded that the unit is electronically functional.
If no raster scan becomes visible, cycle the DISPLAY POWER switch to RESET, which
will recycle power to the DEU. If after recycling, a raster scan is still not visible,
conclude that the MFD display unit is probably nonrecoverable. The problem is with an
internal MFD component, with wiring, or elsewhere in the display system. With just one
good MFD, the pilot will have to individually select single page displays that are most
appropriate to the concern of the moment: stores management, system analysis,
cruise, approach, recovery, etc.
Right or Left (both cockpits) MFD Failure: When right or left MFDs in both cockpits
appear to have failed, it is likely that a left or right raster graphic generator is the cause.
The displays may exhibit a complete or partial data loss, or the freezing of data
displays. To possibly correct the problem, cycle the DISPLAY POWER switch to
RESET. If that does not correct the problem, conclude that both display units are
Total (all four) MFD Failure: Total failure of all four MFDs is unlikely. Such an unusual
circumstance would most likely relate to a malfunction within the DEU. About all a pilot
can do is cycle the DISPLAY POWER switch to RESET, recycling power to the DEU. If
that fails to correct the problem, the MFDs are probably nonrecoverable. Aircraft
recovery will have to be accomplished using standby instruments. Navigation sources
will not be available, so assistance should be sought from ATC and/or other aircraft, as
appropriate. Consider declaring an in-flight emergency.
Blank, Missing, Incorrect MFD data: Missing data on an MFD might be the result of a
variety of problems. Whether or not an AV BIT legend appears in the lower right-hand
corner of the MFD(s), select the BIT page option and check for GO, OPGO, and DEGD
alerts. Reset or recycle equipment, as may be appropriate. If the MFD system was
missing attitude and/or position information, the problem may be related to a GINA
failure; then, expect the GINA BIT to indicate DEGD. TACAN, airspeed, and altimeter
information will still be displayed, concurrently with a GINA failure.
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