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16 January.2004
ACAD Student's Academic Score
PAS-NSS = 50 + 10(PAS-M4)/S4
M4 Average PAS
S4 Standard Deviation of PAS
Once the population has been determined for the given month, a
student's PAS and PAS-NSS can be calculated at any time during
the month by using the formulas, given the Student's Score,
Academic Grade, and the number of graded items.
Training Management
a.  Syllabus Progression.  Fly syllabus events within each
stage sequentially.  Do not start a block without having all
prerequisites completed.  Students may be in different blocks
simultaneously.  Where applicable, students shall be prepared,
and will be eligible, for both an Instrument Navigation (INAV)
syllabus event in the Intermediate Jet stage and a Visual
Navigation (VNAV) syllabus event after the first instrument
event in Intermediate Jet stage.  Students must complete all
events.  System training management is designed to facilitate
two graded events (flight, simulator, or exam) per student per
day (non-SMS students).
b.  Maneuver Continuity.  Students must accomplish
previously introduced maneuvers frequently enough to ensure
maintaining required proficiency.
c.  H/X.  Instructors shall plan and execute missions to
meet H/X as closely as practical.  If actual sortie length
varies from H/X by more than 0.3 hrs, annotate reason(s) in
ATF's general comments section.
d.  Special Syllabus Requirements.  The SSRs are allocated
to flights.  Unless noted otherwise, instructors may accomplish
SSRs on any flight within the block.  SSRs shall be completed in
the specified block.  Annotate completed SSRs in the ATF's SSR
comments section.  Assign NG/1 as the SSR maneuver grade.
e.  Aviation Training Jacket (ATJ) Reviews.  Personal
Advisors (PAs), Flight Leaders, or Assistant Flight Leaders will
conduct jacket reviews at least monthly.  SMS students require
weekly ATJ reviews.


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