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16 January.2004
Student Monitoring Status
a.  The objective is to focus supervisory attention to a
student's progress in training, specific deficiencies, and
potential to complete the program.  It may also be applied to
students who require supervisory attention while trying to
resolve personal issues.
b.  The Flight Leader will place the student on SMS to
address substandard performance in a specific area.
c.  SMS is intended as a short-term program.  SMS requires
specific goals to include, but not limited to, training tailored
to correct deficiencies as determined by the Flight Leader and
Personal Advisor or to address personal issues as determined by
the Operations Officer.  The goals and the required period in
SMS must be annotated in a supplemental ATF in the student's
ATJ.  Document placement and removal from SMS on a supplemental
d.  If the student achieves the goals within the SMS period,
or when personal issues are resolved, the student returns to
normal training flow.  If the student is unable to meet the
specific goals of SMS or performance does not improve, the
student shall progress to an IPC or FPC.
Ground Training and Briefing Requirements
Mission Preparation, Briefings, and Debriefings
(1) EOB Sorties.  The instructor shall carefully review
the Aviation Training Summary (ATS) in planning the EOB sortie
to ensure the profile includes opportunities to reach MIF on all
critical and optional items attempted in the block.
(2) Preparation.
Students shall arrive for each flight
(a) Thorough knowledge of:
1.  The flight's discuss items, as listed in
Chapters II, IV, and V.
2.  Procedural knowledge of the critical items
for the sortie's training block.


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