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16 January.2004
11. Special Instructions And Restrictions
Flight Hour/Event Requirements and Restrictions
(1) Programmed Hours and Events.  Syllabus-programmed
flight hours are 14.5 hours.  Sortie lengths, SXX86, 87, 88 and
89 sorties will cause variation.  Accomplish all syllabus
(2) Minimum Night Hours.
(3) Maximum Daily Student Activities (Aircraft or
Simulator.  Students shall not exceed two activities during one
duty day or three activities during cross-country flights.
(4) Minimum Student Turn-Times.  The student must have
at least one hour between debriefing one sortie and briefing a
follow-on sortie or simulator event.  This does not apply to
out-and-in or cross-country profiles.  However, the instructor
shall ensure adequate debrief and brief time is allocated.
(5) Crew Day.  The period from the beginning of the
student's first event or official duty of the day until the
completion of the last event of the day, including associated
debrief and paper work.  Crew day shall not exceed 12 hours.
(6) Crew Rest.  A minimum of 12 hours shall elapse
between the conclusion of the student's last scheduled event of
the day (including associated debrief) and his first scheduled
instructional event of the following day.
b.  Maneuver Demonstrations.  The student shall not perform
a maneuver for the first time until the Instructor demonstrates
the maneuver, unless previous training adequately fulfills this


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