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16 January 2004
b.  More than two noncritical items were
graded F/3 where G/4 is required, or
Any maneuver is U/2.
(c) Unsatisfactory Check Ride--Ground Operations.  A
check ride graded Unsatisfactory solely for ground operations
requires a procedural progress check.  The Operations Officer
will decide whether to perform the progress check as a ground
evaluation, in the simulator, or in the aircraft.
(3) Progress Check Procedures
(a) The Progress Check Instructor shall consider the
student's proficiency, judgment, air sense, and overall ability
to perform the maneuvers safely and confidently.  The student
must also demonstrate the potential to successfully complete
MNTS and advanced training.  All progress checks must meet MIF
for the most recently completed block of training.  Progress
checks shall be full mission profiles emphasizing the student's
weak areas and a representative cross section of area and
pattern maneuvers.  All critical items do not need to be
accomplished.  Document failed progress checks on a pink-colored
version of the respective ATF for the failed event generating
the progress check.  Flight and Ready Room Unsatisfactories
proceed in separate, parallel tracks, as follows:
1.  The student's first flight progress check is
an IPC/F (SXX88) event.  Any subsequent flight progress check is
an FPC/F (SXX89).  Previous RRUs do not affect this progression.
2.  Similarly, the first RRU generates an IPC/R.
A subsequent RRU generates an FPC/R.  Previous flight progress
checks do not affect this progression.
(b) IPC. The following defines when to conduct an
IPC, IPC outcomes, and IPC Instructors.
Criteria for IPC/F are:
Failed check ride.
b.  Three consecutive overall sortie grades
of Unsatisfactory in the same stage, not including ETs.
c.  An RRU on a check ride resulting in an
Unsatisfactory/Complete for the event and a subsequent IPC/F
versus an IPC/R.


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