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16 January 2004
(e) Excellent (E/5 Level).  Greatly surpasses CTS.
Performance is correct, efficient, and skillful.  Deviations are
very minor.  Corrections, if required, are initiated by the
student and are appropriate, smooth, and rapid.
(2) Overall Sortie Grades.  Overall sortie grades
represent the student's progression through MNTS.  Grade sorties
"Pass," "Marginal," or "Unsatisfactory."  Use the following
definitions to characterize sortie grades:
(a) Pass
Prior to EOB.
Progress is adequate to meet
standards by EOB.
The student's performance meets or
exceeds standards.
(b) Marginal.  Ability to meet the standards by the
end of the block is questionable.  IPs may not award a Marginal
on an EOB sortie or check ride.
(c) Unsatisfactory.  Student exhibits dangerous
tendencies, or progress towards meeting EOB standards is
insufficient.  See Awarding Overall Sortie Grades below for
specific rules defining unsatisfactory performance.
(3) Awarding Overall Sortie Grades.  The student's
overall grade is based on the student's performance against the
MIF.  The following rules govern overall sortie grading.
(a) EOB MIF Performance.  Performance must meet MIF
by EOB.  If the student has previously met MIF in the block, he
or she must still meet MIF in the EOB flight.
(b) Prior to EOB.
Performance must meet or exceed
previous block MIF.
(c) MIF Performance Maintenance.  Students shall
maintain or exceed MIF performance from one block to the next
within stage or between media within stage.  The exception is
when MIF on a subsequent block is below the preceding block MIF.
In these cases, the lower MIF applies.


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