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16 January.2004
10. Mission Grading Procedures and Evaluation Policies
a.  General Grading and Evaluation Policy.  Course training
standards and MIFs listed in this document are minimum
stage/phase completion standards per maneuver.  Students who
consistently perform at the absolute minimum standard through
multiple stages/phases may not possess the skills required to
complete follow-on training.  CTSs/MIFs are designed to allow
for minimum performance in a specific area with the
understanding that performance above the minimum CTS/MIF will
offset the weak area.
Grading Procedures (Aircraft and Training Devices)
(1) Absolute Maneuver Grading.  Use the following grading
scale to document the student's characteristic performance on
maneuvers attempted during each sortie.  This is an absolute
grading scale.  Judge the student's proficiency only against the
item's CTS.  Maneuver grades shall be consistent with ATF
(a) Demonstrated (NG/1 Level).
Enter "No Grade
1.  When the instructor demonstrates the
maneuver and the student does not subsequently perform it during
the sortie.
2.  To indicate accomplishing SSRs.
Specify the
completed SSRs in the ATF's SSR comments section.
(b) Unable (U/2 Level).  Performance is unsafe or
lacks sufficient knowledge, skill, or ability.  Deviations
greatly exceed CTS, significantly disrupting performance.
Corrections significantly lag deviations or aggravate the
(c) Fair (F/3 Level).  Performance is safe, but with
limited proficiency.  Deviations exceed CTS, detracting from
performance.  Corrections noticeably lag deviations, and may not
be appropriate.
(d) Good (G/4 Level).  Characteristic performance is
within CTS.  Deviations outside CTS are allowed, provided they
are brief, minor, and do not affect safety of flight.
Corrections must be appropriate and timely.


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