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16 January 2004
Additional Flights/Simulators
a.  Extra Training (ET) Sorties (SXX87).
All ETs shall be
dual and coded as SXX87, e.g., C4187.
(1) ET sorties include, but are not limited to:
(a) IPC/FPC ET Sorties.  Normally, award these
sorties to compensate for training inadequacies, e.g., poor
sortie/maneuver continuity, or improper instruction.
1.  Preceding an IPC.
The Operations Officer
may authorize one ET prior to an IPC.
2.  Preceding an FPC.  The Commanding Officer
may authorize as many as two ETs prior to an FPC.
3.  IPC/FPC 87 sorties shall not be awarded to
remediate unsatisfactory student performance unrelated to
unit/instructional training inadequacies (poor sortie/maneuver
Document IPC/FPC 87 sorties on supplemental
(b) International Students.  The Operations Officer
may authorize additional sorties to international students IAW
current edition of CNATRAINST 1500.4F.
(2) If the ET does not meet the objectives, the
Operations Officer or above decides if an additional sortie is
b.  Adaptation Sorties (SXX84).  The Operations Officer may
grant sorties required for adaptation to the flying environment
when requested by the flight surgeon, e.g., airsickness,
eyeglasses, etc.
c.  Practice Simulators (SXX85).  Students may receive
practice simulator sorties as availability permits.  These
practice sorties are not part of the syllabus.  If a practice
simulator is authorized, the student shall only perform
previously introduced maneuvers.


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