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T-2C FLIGHT PROCEDURES APU Poststart After the IP turns on both generators and the NO. 1 GEN OUT and NO. 2 GEN
OUT caution lights extinguish, the student takes command of the UHF, ADF, TACAN,
and compass. Obtain ATIS. After receiving ATIS, the student switches UHF radio to Clearance Delivery (if
single or lead of a section, otherwise switch back to Base). IP signals the PC to initiate PC checks, lower the flaps and extend the
speedbrakes, and place hands out of the cockpit. Student is "hands out" for the duration
of the PC checks. At the completion of the PC checks, PC signals pilot to retract speedbrakes and
place flaps to one-half. IP performs a flight control wipeout. Once PC checks are
completed, student places clearance on request STUDENT "Clearance delivery, RKT 203, NPA 802 on request."
NOTE: The student need not read back the entire clearance if it is as expected, however, at a
minimum, the squawk is read back. After receiving clearance, switch UHF radio back to Base. At this point, the
student has completed the Poststart Checklist and most of the Instrument Checklist (Do
not pull pins until initiated by IP, needle/ball movement can not be determined until
during taxi, and TACAN is not put into transmit and receive until pulling out of the line). Battery Start IP signals PC and initiates start sequence on #2 (right) engine. IP "Starting #2." STUDENT "Thumbs up from the PC." (Upon successful start and thumbs
up signaled by PC) After a successful battery start on the #2 (right) engine, the IP turns on the right
generator and the NO. 2 GEN OUT caution light extinguishes. At this point, the student
takes command of the UHF. Obtain ATIS, conduct PC checks, and obtain clearance as done during an APU
start. After the battery has recharged (Amps < 125), the IP signals the PC and starts
the #1 (left) engine. Upon a successful start on the #1 (left) engine, the IP turns on the
left generator and the NO. 1 GEN OUT caution light extinguishes. At this point, the
student takes command of the ADF, TACAN, and COMPASS.

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