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Page Title: TACAN Missed Approach Segment
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TACAN Missed Approach Segment
The Missed Approach Segment is designed to return an aircraft to a safe altitude along an
obstacle-free course. The segment commences at the MAP. If a decision is made to execute a
missed approach prior to reaching the MAP, it is important to continue tracking along the Final
Approach Course until reaching the MAP before executing any turns prescribed by the missed
approach procedure. Otherwise, an aircraft could depart the obstacle-free area established for the
missed approach course.
Aircraft cleared for an approach are automatically cleared for the Missed Approach Segment of
the approach. Unless later clearance is received (such as climbout instructions), in case of two-
way radio failure during an approach such aircraft would be expected to complete their clearance
for the Missed Approach Segment of the approach before executing any other clearance (such as
a plan to proceed to an alternate).
Circling Approach
A Circling Approach is referred to in the DOD General Planning document as a "Circle to Land
Maneuver/Circling Maneuver" and is defined as" a maneuver initiated by the pilot to align the
aircraft with a runway for landing when a straight-in approach is not possible or is not desirable.
This maneuver is made only after ATC clearance has been obtained and the pilot has established
required visual reference to the airport." During a circling approach in a T-2C utilizing category
C approach minimums, there will be an obstacle clearance area extending 1.7 NM from the ends
of runways within which to safely maneuver at MDA until descent for landing is commenced. If
the aircraft is flown outside the 1.7 NM perimeter, obstacle clearance is not guaranteed, but this
should not present a problem as 1.7 NM is significantly farther than twice the distance abeam a
runway when downwind in a VFR landing pattern. In the event visual contact with the landing
runway is lost during a circle to land maneuver, a missed approach must be flown for the
instrument approach that was flown, except that the procedure will always be commenced with a
climbing turn toward the runway of intended landing, and continued until on a heading to
intercept the missed approach procedure. This will keep the aircraft within the protected space
of obstruction clearance while executing the missed approach. During a circle to land maneuver,
the student will monitor MDA and assist in maintaining visual contact with the runway. In case
of inadvertent IMC during the maneuver, student responsibilities are the same as normal Missed
Approach responsibilities, except for an initial call to: "Commence a climbing turn toward the
Radar Vectors to a TACAN Final Approach Course
To expedite the flow of air traffic, ATC can substitute radar vectors for the initial segment of an
approach. Clearance for "RADAR Vectors TACAN Final Approach Course" can also be
requested from ATC. In IFR conditions, the procedure will normally result in an interception of
the final approach course three or more miles prior to the Final Approach Fix, at an angle of 30
degrees or less.

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