Quantcast Transmission of Train Orders by Radio


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Page Title: Transmission of Train Orders by Radio
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When radios are being used to control the movement of a locomotive,
transmissions to the locomotive shall include the locomotive number.
When radios are being used to perform switching, the employee directing the
movement shall keep in constant radio contact with the employee receiving the
instructions. If there is doubt of either the meaning of the instructions or the
employee for whom such instructions are intended, the movement shall be stopped
and shall not be resumed until the instructions are understood. Switching, backing
or pushing movement distances shall be specified in 50-foot car lengths. The
engineer shall stop the movement in one-half the specified distance, unless
additional directions are received.
b. Transmission of Train Orders by Radio.
(1) Train orders shall be transmitted by radio only when authorized by the local
railroad operations directive and must be transmitted in accordance with that directive.
(2) The procedures for transmission of train orders by railroad dispatcher or
designated representative are as follows:
Before a train order is transmitted, the conductor copying the train order shall
state that he is prepared to receive the train order. The conductor shall state
his name, identification or call sign, and location.
Train orders should not be transmitted to the crew of a moving train when, in
the judgment of either the conductor, the engineer, or the train dispatcher, the
train order cannot be received and copied without impairing the safe operation
of their train. Conductors shall copy train orders in the format prescribed in
the local railroad operations directive.
After the train order has been copied, it shall be immediately repeated in its
entirety. After verifying the accuracy of the repeated train order, the
dispatcher or designated representative shall state "complete," the time, and the
initials of the conductor. Conductors copying train orders shall then
acknowledge by repeating "complete" and the time.
Before a train order is acted upon, the conductor shall have a written copy of
the train order and shall ensure the train order is read and understood by other
members of the crew.
A train order which has not been completed or which does not comply with the
requirements of the operating rules, shall not be acted upon. Information
contained in a train order shall not be acted upon by persons other than those
to whom the train order is addressed.
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