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Page Title: Railcar and Consist Inspection
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(14) Sand box level. The sandbox sand level shall be checked to ensure an adequate
supply is available.
(15) Switch settings. Check the main battery and ground relay switches to ensure they are
closed. Check the control, local control, and fuel pump circuit breakers to ensure they are turned
on. The generator field switch shall be off until locomotive movement is required. All fuses shall
be checked for proper installation.
(16) Headlights. The headlights on both ends of the locomotive shall be checked for
operation--dim and bright. If two or more locomotives are MU'd, the proper lead unit setting
shall be confirmed.
Note: Items 17 through 20 shall be checked after main reservoir pressure is at operating levels.
(17) Locomotive Brakes. The engineer shall also complete the locomotive brake setup
and tests per Sections 3.4.a. and 3.4.b.
(18) Horn. The horn shall be audibly checked for adequate sound production. For
reference, the horn should produce a minimum sound level of 96-db (A) at a point 100 feet
forward of the locomotive in its direction of travel.
(19) Bell. The bell shall be checked for proper operation.
(20) Window wipers. The window wipers shall be checked for proper operation and
good glass contact.
(21) Miscellaneous water, air and oil leaks. During operation the locomotive shall be
periodically checked for any unusual water, lubricating or fuel oil, or air leaks.
(22) Cab and engine compartment cleanliness. All trash and unnecessary items shall be
removed from the cab and engine compartment. The windows shall be checked for clear visibility.
(23) Radio check. A radio check shall be conducted to ensure its serviceability.
(24) Speed indicator and speed/event recorder. Operation shall be confirmed as soon as
possible after movement of the locomotive.
b. Railcar and Consist Inspection. Whenever a railcar is picked up it shall be inspected
for properly working safety appliances and mechanical integrity. The crew shall inspect the
following items on the car to ensure it is safe to move. Deficiencies in these item are readily
discoverable by a train crew in the course of a customary inspection. If deficiencies are
discovered, complete Form 6, RAILRCAR DEFICIENCY REPORT (Appendix B) and turn
form into supervisor. The Installation Commander shall incorporate these items and procedures
for conducting these inspections into the local railroad operating directive:
(1) Car Body. Look for the following: leaning or listing to side, sagging downward,
positioned improperly on truck, object dragging below, object extending from side, door
insecurely attached, broken or missing safety appliance, lading leaking from a placarded
hazardous material car.
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