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Page Title: Handling Cars with Defects
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n. Handling Cars with Defects. The following procedures do not apply to an
explosively laden railcar or a cut of cars with at least one explosively laden railcar. See NAVSEA
OP 5, Vol I.
(1) Inoperable Brakes - cars with inoperable or malfunctioning brakes may be moved
if their brake system can be cut out and the car can be located between two cars that have
operating brakes.
(2) Overheated journal - a car with an overheated journal may be moved at walking
speed to the nearest set out point.
(3) Broken or cracked wheels - a car with serious wheel defects shall not be moved
until maintenance personnel inspect the wheels, and change the wheel set or approve the railcar
for movement.
(4) The crew shall report other suspected safety deficiencies to the dispatcher.
(5) When a deficient railcar is picked up or repaired on site, the conductor or engineer
shall promptly report to the railroad dispatcher. The report shall include the car number, nature of
the defect, whether the car is Navy owned or commercial, and any other information to expedite
(6) When necessary to set out bad order cars, the conductor or engineer shall promptly
report to the railroad dispatcher the car number, nature of the defect, and other information to
expedite repairs.
o. Deadman Controls. Locomotive deadman pedals shall not be overridden for any
reason. These controls protect lives and property. If overridden, their purpose will be defeated.
If a deadman pedal is inoperable, the engineer shall notify the dispatcher immediately.
p. Guidelines for Handling Trespassers or Demonstrators. Refer to specific directives
related to this matter. Crew members shall assume that trespassers and demonstrators do not
understand the dangers and extended stopping distances of trains. Crews shall respond
accordingly. Report all trespassers or demonstrators to security, the dispatcher or both in
accordance with the local railroad operating directive.
q. Operation of Car Movers, Hy-rails, Tackmobiles and Other Track Equipment.
Only personnel qualified to operate this equipment shall be permitted to operate them. Operators
of this equipment shall follow the manufacturers' operator instructions and the local operating
Operators of this equipment shall contact the dispatcher for clearance to use the rail system,
stating the desired locations for the equipment to enter the rail system, the route to be taken, and
the destination. All additional movements shall be coordinated in the same manner. When the
equipment is removed from the rails, the operator shall notify the railroad dispatcher that the
equipment is clear of the rails. The equipment shall not be put back on the rails without a new
clearance from the railroad dispatcher.
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