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Page Title: Defective rail car truck -Cont.
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(12) The vertical wear liner has two or more complete vertical cracks. Cracks at the
weld joint between liner and rim exceeding 50% of total length must be repaired by an approved
(13) The horizontal (roof) liner is broken into two or more pieces or has a piece
missing; the horizontal shims are incorrect or are not appropriate for car (to be used when shims
are applied incorrectly to 100 ton or larger cars).
b. A rail car truck shall be repaired before placing or continuing in service if the bolsters
have any of the following defects:
(1) A side bearing has any of the following conditions: the bearings at one end of the
car, on both sides, are in contact with the body bolster (except by design) or the bearings at one
end of the car have a total clearance from the body bolster of more than 3/4 inch. Side bearings
shall have 3/16 inch minimum and 5/16 inch maximum clearance (except for constant contact side
bearings). Constant contact side bearings shall be shimmed in accordance with manufacturers'
(2) There is interference between the truck bolster and the center plate that prevents
proper truck rotations.
(3) The truck bolsters are broken, cracked, or bent; or are worn or corroded where
any section is reduced 25% except friction pockets which can be reduced by a maximum of 40%.
(4) Any bolster gibs are worn beyond limits contained in Table A-4.
(5) The difference in diameters of body centerplate and truck bolster bowl exceeds 12
7/8 inches (for a 12 inch diameter bowl), or 14 7/8 inches (for a 14 inch diameter bowl), or 16
7/8 inches (for a 16 inch diameter bowl).
(6) Bowl depth, including horizontal wear plate, has increased to 1 15/32 inches (for a
1 1/8inch bowl depth) or 2 3/32 inches (for 1 3/4 inch bowl depth). At least 1/16 inch clearance
between truck bolster bowl rim and body centerplate base must be maintained.
(7) Body side bearings that are cracked, bent, broken, worn in excess of 1/8 inch or
missing should be replaced.
Any portion of the truck or their appurtenances (except wheels) has less than a 2 1/2 inch clearance
from the top of rail.
Worn center plates may have wear surfaces built up by welding and then machined or ground smooth
to proper contour, without removal from car.
When a car body is raised off trucks for any reason, the center plate should be cleaned of all loose
rust, scale and debris, and lubricated properly.
Top surface of bolster bowl rim should not be in contact with centerplate horizontal surface, proper
shimming can be used to correct such a situation.
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