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Page Title: Shielded localizer array
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T-45C TS INav-04; ADV INav-02
Components and Characteristics of the Instrument Landing System (ILS)
b. Point of equal overlap is the center of the extended centerline of
the runway indicating on course
8. Shielded localizer array (antenna) is normally located 1,000 ft
Sg 1, fr 5
beyond downwind end of the runway centerline
Shielded Localizer
Array (antenna)
a. Actual signal generated by transmitter from a building that is
offset a minimum of 250 ft from center of antenna array
b. Optimum signal strength and minimum possible signal
interference dictate placement of transmitter
9. Primary approach of a localizer is called “Front Course”
NOTE: Localizer front course beam is adjusted at the antenna
array for a 700 ft width at the runway threshold. The beam as
displayed on the a/c instruments has a width of 5 degrees allowing
for 2-1/2 degrees left full deflection and 2-1/2 degrees right full
deflection. A full deflection of the CDI at runway threshold would
place the aircraft 350 ft left or right of the runway centerline while
tracking on the localizer.
a. The localizer provides course guidance for descent path:
Sg 1, fr 6
Localizer course guidance
(1) 18 nm from the antenna
(2) 1,000 ft above the highest terrain along course line
(3) 4,500 ft above antenna elevation site
(4) Signal acquisition and off-course indications are provided
through angular areas of the operational service volume:
(a) To 10 degrees either side of the course along a radius
of 18 nm from the antenna
(b) To 35 degrees either side of the course along a radius
of 10 nm from the antenna
NOTE: After the missed approach point, any localizer signal
indication received should be disregarded unless it is
designated part of the published missed approach procedure.
Any signal that is not part of the procedure should be
considered unreliable and disregarded. Some fields will have
functional back course localizers (BAC LOC) and are
designated as such.
NOTE: Loss of the localizer information during the approach
will render the approach procedure unusable. The approach
should be terminated or another type of an approach should be
selected, weather permitting.
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