Quantcast Regression Rules

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16 January.2004
(d) Regression Rules.
Regression rules allow for
uneven progress through training.
The following specifies
allowable regression.
1.  The student is allowed up to two maneuver
grades of F/3 where a G/4 is required if all of the following
conditions are met:
The student has previously demonstrated
G/4 proficiency,
The maneuver was not a check ride
critical (+) item,
c.  The Instructor is satisfied the student
is ready to progress to the next sortie.
The Instructor must award an overall
Unsatisfactory if:
Regression was to a U/2 where F/3 or G/4
is required, or
b.  If performance on the same maneuver for
two consecutive sorties resulted in a F/3 where a G/4 is
required, or
There was regression on more than two
(4) Maneuver Requirements.
For each block:
(a) Mandatory Items.  Items with a number and a plus
(+) are mandatory and the student must meet the required
proficiency by EOB.
(b) Optional Items.  Items with a number, but
without a plus (+), are optional.  However, if flown, they must
meet the required proficiency by EOB.
(c) Not Demonstrated/Not Performed.  The instructor
will not demonstrate, nor will the student perform:
Unnumbered items.
Items not in the stage.


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