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16 January.2004
Policies for Evaluation Flights and Ground Evaluations
(1) Authorized Evaluators.  The squadron commander will
designate check instructors for each stage.
(2) Check Rides (SXX90)
(a) Single Sortie Training Blocks.  Check rides
amount to single sortie training blocks.  Therefore, all rules
regarding progressing out of a block apply, except as noted
1.  Should fly a representative cross section of
optional maneuvers.
2.  Up to two optional maneuvers may be graded
F/3 where G/4 is required without requiring an overall sortie
grade of Unsatisfactory.
3.  The
entire sortie should be devoted to
assessing the student's
ability and readiness to progress to the
next stage of training.
All maneuvers indicated with a plus (+)
are check ride critical
and must be accomplished to MIF.
Regression rules do not
4.  The student should be able to demonstrate
required levels of proficiency without instructor assistance.
However, instruction is allowed on check rides and students may
reaccomplish maneuvers at the check instructor's discretion.
(b) Incomplete Check Ride.
The check ride shall be
incomplete when:
Any critical (+) item was not flown, or
2.  The check instructor was unable to sample
sufficient examples of a given maneuver to assess the student's
overall performance.
NOTE:  The subsequent flight need only include maneuvers
required to complete the check.
3.  EXCEPTIONS.  The check is complete and the
overall grade is Unsatisfactory if:
Any critical item is below MIF, or


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