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16 January 2004
Weather-driven instrument approaches.
Prebriefed maneuvers for instructor
(5) Incomplete Sorties.  In general, Instructors should
consider a sortie complete if able to accomplish either all high
or all low work.  This is particularly true when weather
precludes one or the other, and the Instructor is able to
emphasize training where weather permits.  Subsequent sorties in
the block, when available, can reverse this emphasis, hence
achieving overall training balance.  If a student has had ample
opportunity to learn a task and subsequently flies a short
mission, do not incomplete the mission solely to provide
unwarranted extra training.
(a) Assessment.
Assess the sortie complete if:
1.  Seventy-five percent of the sortie's H/X was
used for training, and
2.  Sufficient sorties remain in the block to
redress the imbalance, and
3.  Individual maneuvers can still be
accomplished within the block.
Otherwise, assess the sortie incomplete.
(b) Completion Sorties
1.  A sortie may both complete a previous sortie
and count as an advancing X.
2.  For sorties flown exclusively to clear an
incomplete, grades on maneuvers repeated from the incomplete
sortie do not count towards the student's PAS.


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