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16 January 2004
(1) Voting Members.  The board consists of three voting
members, one of which is the Senior Member.  The TRAWING
Commodore designates the Senior Member in writing.
(2) Other Members/Observers.  At least one member will be
from the student's parent service.  For International Military
Students (IMS), where possible, include the country liaison
officer and the TRAWING International Military Student Officer
(IMSO) as observers.
(3) Academic Failures.  TRBs convened due to academic
failures may include one qualified civilian instructor as voting
(4) Exclusion.  The following conditions exclude an
instructor from acting as a voting member on a student's TRB:
(a) The student's on-wing.
(b) The student's personal advisor.
(c) Any instructor who has sat on a previous TRB for
the student.
(d) Any instructor who has awarded an unsatisfactory
to the student in the relevant training stage.
(e) The IMSO, in the case of an international
(1) A background paper assessing the student's training
quality and highlighting any irregularities.
(2) A majority vote elimination/retention recommendation.
(3) Use CNATRA 1542/1827 (Rev. 1-04), Training Review
Board Summary Form.
5.  Instructor Continuity.  There are no continuity requirements
unless specified by the flight leader for SMS students.


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