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4 December 2002
(4) An alternate timekeeper should be appointed in
writing to maintain time and attendance during the absence of the
primary timekeeper.
Timekeeper's Responsibilities
(1) Timekeeping is a critical function, which may be
performed by the individual employee, timekeeper, supervisor, or
a combination of these individuals.  The timekeeping function
requires the accurate and timely recording of time and attendance
data and the maintenance of related documentation.
(2) Timekeepers may be civilian or military personnel.
(3) Individuals performing the timekeeping function are
responsible for:
(a) Timely and accurate recording of all exceptions
to the employee's normal tour of duty.
(b) Ensuring that employees have attested to the
accuracy of their current pay period's time and attendance
(including any exceptions such as use of leave) and any
adjustments or corrections that are required after time and
attendance is approved.  If the employee is not available prior
to the approval of the time and attendance, attestation shall be
documented as soon thereafter as possible.
(c) Ensuring that all entries for overtime and
compensatory time earned have been approved, and totals are
correct before certification.
Maintenance by Employee
(1) Situations in which employees may maintain their
official time and attendance are as follows:
(a) The employee is the timekeeper,
(b) Employees work flexible hours outside the hours
of the timekeeper and supervisor,
(c) An employee is working alone at a remote site,
(d) Employees are based at the same location as their
supervisors and timekeepers but are frequently away during
working hours, and
(e) The employing organization determines that
individual timekeeping is warranted.


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